FAQ – Gosh Car Wash

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I have 2 or more cars. Can I book it all at once?
Yes, you can book your vehicles at the same time or for consecutive time slots. For example, your first vehicle will be at 9 and the following will be at 11. Of course the duration might be shorter, but ensure that you have the time as you need to be present to give us access to both vehicles. We highly recommend you to call us in advance at 470-343-9484 before booking online.

Can I pay cash for my car wash?

Yes, you can. Make sure you choose Cash on Delivery option when you book online. Make sure you have exact change when you choose to pay cash.

How much should I tip?
We suggest to tip $8 for Sedan, $10 for SUV and $14 for Extra Large SUV. You can tip extra dollar for each add-on service.

Will solutions that you use scratch my car?
No, our solutions will not scratch your car. Each of our agent completed full safety training and knows how to apply solutions and do a waterless car wash without damaging a car paint.

Do you remove sap, stains, spills?
Every stain is different but were able to remove most stains. All customers should mention these specific needs and major stains. We can’t always guarantee complete removal, but will do our best.

I still have questions.
If you still have questions feel free to email us at goshcarwash@gmail.com or call/text at 470-343-9484.